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War and Peace

More and more competent voices are coming forward, documenting NATO/US complicity in a host of areas, from ethnic cleansing of Serbs for the sake of oil pipelines to urging Saakashivi to shell Ossetian homes just to see how weak Russia is.

Also pointed out is the role of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers in this.  Many Americans, especially Evangelical Christians, simply don’t realize that in mindlessly hating Russia, they are implicitly supporting people who, if not openly worship the devil, come very close to it.

(and also see the Schiff’s role in destroying the Tsar in WWI, making it possible for the dominance of Anglo-American capitalism.)


Thoughts on stuff I want to read

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I would say this is my “Christmas” list, but I am trying to get a few of these ahead of time:

Corpus Mysticism by Henri de Lubac; The Dread Lord Peter Leithart always spoke highly of this book, and even though Leithart is a Protestant, de Lubac’s sacramental theology is heavy in Leithart’s book on baptism.

Medieval Exegesis by Henri de Lubac.  Actually 4 volumes to this set, though only 2 and 3 are out at the moment.  Don’t know why that is.  My last few posts were on Radical Orthodoxy, to note.  What really disenchanted my Protestant worldview was not some “1-2” argument from an ancient church apologist, though a few friends of mine have done some good posts on christology and sola scriptura.  No, it was the radical orthodoxy guys saying that hermeneutics are often dependent on philosophical assumptions.  We can laugh at the medievals for doing the four-fold exegesis (and at times they were wacky), but their hermeneutical assumptions were better than ourselves.  And if my Calvinism is dependent on certain philosophical and hermeneutical assumptions, well….my calvinism is only as strong as those assumptions.

Cosmic Liturgy: The Universe According to Maximus the Confessor by Hans urs von Balthasar.  Tried to order this from the first time.  They dropped my order saying it was out of print.  Probably will try again soon.

Light from the East (Theology and the Sciences) by Nesturuk.  There are a lot of books (rightly) pointing out how Western Christendom facilitated the rise of modern science.  But as some have noted, in a rather Marxist historicist fashion, that the seeds of failure were already planted in the success.  Nesteruk suggests an Eastern model.

The Philosopher’s Stone:  Alchemy and the Secret Research for Exotic Matter by Joseph Farrell.  People made fun of me–and some got rather irrationally angry–because I refuse to believe that stone-age folks were capable of building the pyramids when today’s advanced cultures with modern engineering still cannot.  Dr Farrell’s stuff highlights aspects of history and science that modernists (be they conservative or liberal–usually conservative) do not want to admit.

The Struggle for World Power by George Knupffer.  What most do not realize is that before the Bolsheviek revolution, Russia was one of the wealthiest and most Christian nations in the world (indeed, in the history of the world).  Standing against the Revolutions of the 19th century and against the rising capitalist Anglo-American banking cartel was the (flawed, granted) soborpravna of Tsarist Russia.  The Rothschilds and Schiffs knew that for their banking cartel to achieve worldwide dominance, Tsarist Russia had to be destroyed.   This helps explain why Wall Street capitalists financed the October Revolution.  Communism was never about the common man, but about concentrating power and wealth into the hands of an elite.  At the heart capitalism and communism are the same thing.

Russian Medievalist Radio shows

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The Orthodox Medievalist series, Russia; from Fr Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Medievalist: Debut

Peter the Great

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Russian World After Peter 1

The Mongol Empire

Ivan the Terrible

Obama in Russia

Defense Ministries of Russia and Belarus