Liberating wildness of Classical Trinitarianism

Studying Orthodox and classical Trinitarianism and Christology is like drinking heady mead.  It fills one with a wildness.  If I–by the grace of God–can get this right, I really won’t err too badly on the doctrine of Church and salvation.

I used to always fret and worry in covenant theology.  There were so many dialectics and aporias.  This guy seemed to say this and be right.  The other said the contrary and he, too, had Scripture to back him.  Nary a word on the Trinity.  I always doubted, if all these guys claimed to be right, yet contradicted each other, how could I, a nobody, hope to get it right?

Then Jay Dyer told me that if I got Trinity and Christology correct, the rest would fall into place.  Now I don’t worry about being “an arminian” or a “calvinist,” and the bad implications of those two positions.  If I get the Trinity right, I can’t get too much wrong.


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  1. The Ecclesiastical Hipster Says:

    That’s the crux of the matter, really.

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