Let them scoff. We have Holy Russia (with other comments on Joan of Arc)

Will they laugh at us? Of course, that’s the normal way they deal with people; this is how they deal with opposition: scorn and, eventually, social exclusion, and, soon, arrest. We certainly have ample precedent for this. Remember: This is nervous laughter. Remember: we believe in Holy Russia and Orthodoxy, they believe in the latest academic fads. We believe in the Tsars, they believe in the latest celebrity gossip and fashions. We believe in the Russian nation, they believe in modern (and solely modern) political ideologies. We believe in the Holy Spirit, they believe that technology is leading humanity into an era of peace and plenty. We believe in the divinity of Jesus, and they really believe that “reality TV” is unscripted. We believe in One True Church, they watch Oprah. We are the ones that need to be laughing.

Thoughts on Lent

Some who read this will no doubt irk and say, “Well, what about _______ that Holy Russia did?”  Fair enough.   Holy Russia is a mixed bag.  While it is true that serfdom is evil (though one wonders how Russian serfdom is really any different [or worse, for that matter] than globo-American consumerism), and for most of the 18th and 19th centuries Russia was ruled by people who really didn’t like Russia, the model of Holy Russia provides an effective contrast to today.

Now, for some thoughts on miracles.   Moving to Western characters.  Last year I got in a discussion with a Christ-hater and an Obama-worshipper on Joan of Arc, or the movies that recently came out.  One of the movies (I can’t remember and really don’t care) was openly anti-Christian.  There were scenes of rape and necrophilia (or so the movie review told me.  I didn’t watch it) and when Christ appeared he looked like Hell and the Devil.  The two people mentioned above loved that part for its realism.  They said, “We really can’t know the difference between an appearance of God and the Devil.”

Now, despite how utterly wrong they are, they did touch on an important truth.  Satan does masquerade as an angel of light.  Could Joan not have been tricked by the devil?  I don’t think so.  It is doubtful that demons would have appeared to her and told her to “worship God and be more pious.”  I guess they could be it seems counter-productive (something about if Satan be divided).

The other movie, for what it’s worth, is quite good and wholesome.


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  1. Genuine question, not for spite:

    On NPR today a pollster noted that 47% of Russians believe “it is okay for Russia to have an empire.” If Russia is to be Holy Russia, New Constantinople, etc, how is an empire (which necessarily entails domination over others) theologically justifiable? I am reminded how last year you seemed supportive of Russia’s claim to understood “spheres of influence” in the issue concerning Georgia. How is this not just a game that the fallen powers play?

  2. First of all, I am skeptical of anything NPR.orc says. However, Homer nods from time to time and this might be one of NPR’s accurate moments. Assuming NPR is correct, let’s look at the claim.

    By Empire is meant (though NPR doesn’t understand this) “slavic commonwealth.” Russia is the de facto (though not de jure) leadership role against NATO, the New World Order, and the Anglo-American banking cartels. While I look forward to the day of the Tsar, the truth is that Russia needs strong leaders to break the back of the oligarchs

    I think they are using the word “empire” in a different sense than you are. When Russia lost power in the 90s, she was raped by Westerners. Russia’s populace rightly understands that a strong empire will keep her from being raped by Western democrats. Now, I still think they are using “empire” in a different sense than you are. Meyendorrff’s book *Byzantium and the Rise of Russia* illustrates what is meant by Slavic commonwealth.

    Now to the question. For the past 1,000 years Russia has lived with the fear of invasion (Hitler and 40 million slavs dead, Napoleon, etc). They have no natural borders. NATO’s drive–and the alleged NPR claim must be understood in this sense–eastward to Moscow is an over threat. By moving to the Baltic states, NATO forces could be at the gates of Moscow in less than an hour (something that neocon Wolfowitz and neo lib Brzenzksi advocate).

    Therefore, out of mere survival Russia lets others know that this is not allowed.

    Now for Georgia. I honestly think Russia should have annexed Georgia. Saakashivi is a brutal dictator who jails and tortures opposition (with the blessing of the US Govt). He will try this invasion again if he is not removed from office. If Russia had taken Tbilsi they could have removed this threat of WW3.

  3. I shake your hand, dear friend Tesla!

    Our Cause Is Just
    The Enemy Will Be Smashed
    Victory Will Be Ours!

    Michael Kuznetsov

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