Movie Review of *Shooter* (or how to really view American politics)

I have a mixed philosophy on television and movies.  My first belief is that the devil invented TV to make people stupid.  On second thought, some shows really are good (wait, scratch that).  Same with movies, I guess.   I saw this movie by accident.


It turned out really good.  Without giving away any spoilers, here is a run-down of the plot, but also how useful this movie is when interpreting news garbage.

The movie begins with the hero (Bob Lee Swagger) and his partner covering the retreat of a “peace-keeping” operation [one should always fear when America tries to play “peacekeeper.”  The operation is botched (though there is some incredible shooting) and we three years later we find Swagger living in the mountains of Wyoming.  A colonel (Danny Glover) approaches him to “stage” a presidential assassination so that the govt will know how to stop one.

Long story short, things go wrong in the “mock” assassination, which puts Swagger on the run from the Feds.  The rest of the movie is him using his recon skills to find out what really happened.

My favorite part is when he goes to see an old-timey gunsmith in Tennessee.  The man has arguably the most country/southern accent imaginable.  He gives Swagger a lead (and some good thoughts on how a conspiracy works).

old man from shooter

Swagger later confronts the man whom said gunsmith referenced and learns the truth of what happened in the peace-keeping mission in Africa.   The guy is an Eastern European actor with an unpronounceable last name.  I will call him “Bad guy 1.”  He tells Swagger that nothing, no matter how horrible, ever happens without the govts approval (or at least knowledge of it).  One of the more important conversations in the movie.

Without getting into the rest of the plot, I will look at some quotes made by another bad guy, one Senator Meatchum (think Ned Baety).

Senator Charles F. Meachum: You got any plans after this? You have a rather unique skill set. I’d be interested in offering you a job.
Bob Lee Swagger: Work? For you?
Senator Charles F. Meachum: It’s not really as bad as it seems. It’s all gonna be done in any case. You might as well be on the side that gets you well paid for your efforts.
Nick Memphis: And what side are you on?
Senator Charles F. Meachum: There are no sides. There’s no Sunnis and Shiites. There’s no Democrats and Republicans. There’s only HAVES and HAVE-NOTS.

Well, there actually are Sunnis and Shi’ites, but his larger point is correct. Conservative “culture warriors” and left-wing NGO Marxists in America both think that they can “make a difference” by electing their party to office.  They don’t realize: 1) Washington D.C. is an occultic city and 2) both sides are united by the same desires (have a great CS Lewis quote on this subject for another day).

Bob Lee Swagger: I don’t really like the President much. Didn’t like the one before that, much, either.
Colonel Isaac Johnson: You like the idea of the President, living in a free country. Do we allow America to be ruled by thugs?
Bob Lee Swagger: Sure, some years we do.

I have to resist the urge to comment on that one.

Senator Charles F. Meachum: There’s always a confused soul that thinks that one man can make a difference. And you have to kill him to convince him otherwise. That’s the hassle with democracy.

Reminds me above about something Thomas Woods said about conservatives.  They really think that being “elected” (whatever that means) and going to Washington can make a difference.  Democrats at least know Washington is a sewer.  Republicans treat it like a hot tub.

Unfortunately, Youtube has very few videos on this.  The conversation between the old man and Swagger is awesome.


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