What are proper ways to dodge the ss impasse?

A Moonie comes to you and begins quoting Scripture—ah, that’s not fair.  We will stick to people who at least nominally adhere to Christendom.  The Nazarene Church comes to you with quotations from the Bible saying “you can lose your salvation” (why do people evangelize that way?).  The Southern Baptist begins quoting John 6 and John 10 to the opposite effect.  To quote the final scene from Shanghai Noon, “Looks like we got us a Mexican standoff, ‘cept we ain’t got no Mexicans.”  Who arbitrates here?  It can’t be Scripture for that is the issue under discussion.

The Confessional Protestants have a stronger arsenal.  They will point to the logical rigor of their confession.  They will point out how if you don’t accept their view, the implications of your view is something like the Arminian god or you are secretly a Papist, or something like that.

But the weakness to the argument is inherent in the argument:  they are simply giving you their starting point.   This starting point was not justified by Scripture (take heed, Van Tillians:  your strongest apologetical argument for TAG has a fatal weakness that any good Catholic can blitz over).

This also brings up certain philosophical moves in the late middle ages.  Do those moves really make a difference, or how much difference?


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