Initial thoughts on de Lubac’s *Drama of Atheist Humanism*

I was given this book several Christmases ago back in my apologetics craze.  I guess I started reading it with the wrong expectations.  Once I dropped apologetics things began to make more sense.  The book divides into three or four sections.  First, Henri de Lubac gives a thorough (if at times dense) analysis of the major atheist leaders: Marx, Feurbach, and Comte, Comte providing a foil for a brief Christian response.

The next section is on Dostoevsky the prophet.  Compares and contrasts Nietszche.

The final section is “Search for a New Man.”  The first part of this is rather good.  He gives several brief, short critiques of “progressivism” and ends with a plea for a new Christian Humanism. His criticism of Marxism’s historicism is perfect (and too long to post here.  His discussion of “the supernatural” was sublime.

The supernatural is not a higher, more beautiful, or more fruitful nature…it is the irruption of a wholly different principle.  The sudden opening of a kind of fourth dimension, without proportion of any kind to all the progress provided in the natural dimension (466).

The final part of the book is about Nietszche’s mystical experiences.  Aside from a few good quotes here and there, I found it to be rambling.

Maybe not the best intro to Henri de Lubac, and certainly not the easiest book to follow, but one that is definitely worth reading and will certainly repay multiple readings.


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