Russia and Belarus’s War Games

Russia Today reports that these games are making the West nervous.  Again, it is really hypocritical for NATO and the EU to complain of Russia’s war games when 1) NATO does the same thing with its satellites and 2) it has expanded all the way to Moscow’s border.  The recently-abandoned missile defense shield was simply a front for NATO’s armies to reach the Kremlin in less than an hour.
America is grudgingly beginning to realize that it is cashing checks it doesn’t have the money for. Russia is not the same as it was in 1999.  Belarus informed the West that it will not allow a Soros-oriented takeover like Soros did in the Ukraine, Georgia, and Serbia.
That’s not to say that all is well in Russia and Belarus.  These two countries have had minor squabbles this year.  And I think this is Belarus’s way of telling Russia, “While we honor you as the de facto leader of the Slavic world, you are not the ruler of the Belarussians.”  And I think that’s fair.  In any case, however, both countries know that a united Slavic Orthodox world is the only way to resist the New World Order.
For a better analysis than mine, see Fr Raphael’s talk on The Defense Ministries of Russia and Belarus.

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