Musings on St Methodius

I’ve been trying to learn Russian for quite a while now.  It is a harder language than some of the others I have studied (Greek, Latin, German, Spanish), but it’s not impossible.  It’s definitely easier than Hebrew.  And with the resources at LiveMocha, it is very easy to learn the most basic, conversational Russian.  I can recognize Russian words (and theoretically, I can recognize some Serbo-Croatian words).

I got a lot of people either angry or annoyed with me this week, which is understandable.  Sometimes debate is good.  And people really don’t like it when they are reminded that the neo-con, neo-lib or even Lockean worldview is a joke and just a front from the Virtual Empire.  Deep down, they know I (we) am (are) right.

Sometimes it’s best to step back from the battle.(St George Brigade Blog)


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