Big Media and Conservative Schizophrenia: A Plea for Paleo-Physics

Everyone knows that the media hates middle America, particularly conservatives.  MSM (Mainstream Media) didn’t even bother hiding its worship of Obama during the campaigns.  Conservatives know this.

(And Obama is about to reward his loyal followers with newspaper bailouts)

Despite this rather obvious fact, Conservatives more than anybody shun “conspiracy theories.”  Why is that?  Well, they might reply, it is because conspirators are kooks and conservatives don’t want to be “kooks.”  Fair enough.  Many are, but I think the reason is different.  I think there are several reasons.

1.  As conservatives, we want “respectability.”  This is odd since the very people from whom you seek respectability think you are fascists.

2.  Conservatives don’t want to face the reality that “good ole fashioned ‘Marika” is actually controlled by New World Order elites.  Most conservatives suspect this, but don’t want to admit it.

Given these rather obvious facts, would not the most rational thing to do is to seriously engage in questions that the current elite ignores?  Yes, most conspiracy theorists are kooky, but many aren’t.  And good questions are still waiting.


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  1. I see you read the post on CofCC. I still can’t believe they could do such a thing but with banks and GM I would not be surprised. I am not American but even here the phrase ‘they are too big to fail’ makes me sick. Big people do not fail, they lose money but they still come out of it quite well compared to the little people who actually fail.

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