Rebutting Wilson’s dismissal of the Anglican Shock Army

When it comes to most political issues and basic theology, Doug Wilson might be the best “Chestertonian” there is.  It’s hard to deny his gift and influence.  That being said I think his recent criticisms of Oliver O’Donovan and N.T. Wright were more in the line of “damage control” ala Federal Vision than anything else.

And I don’t want to speak ill of the man (though he had no problem slamming O’Donovan and John Milbank).  But in his dismissal of these men his arguments (when they were there) were sloppy.  Eventually I am going to analyze Wilson’s dismissal of Radical Orthodoxy and John Milbank (actually I won’t analyze them.  No arguments were offered, but I will look at them).

This Johannes fellow seems to be an old Moscow, ID student who is doing some pointed analysis on Wilson RE Wright and O’Donovan.  I found it very helpful.

On O’Donovan

On N.T. Wright (there are three tags in this, only two of them are relevant to the present discussion).


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