Intro to Tesla1389

I usually get in trouble when I blog.  I shut down my last two blogs because people/groups with connections to terrorist organizations and/or the Federal Govt kept bombarding me.  I decided at the time that a low profile was necessary.

They might have seen me because a lot of Slavic nationalists were linking to me, which is cool, I suppose.

The first part of the blog name is fairly obvious.  A reference to the Serbian scientist/genius Nikola Tesla.  Some friends of mine recently tipped me off to the alternative paleophysics of Dr Joseph Farrell.  While I probably do not have the expertise to accurately judge Dr Farrell’s works, I do know enough of philosophy and history that I can ask questions and follow the discussion.  Anyway, part of the blog will be following those leads.

The other part is a reference to the Battle of Kosovo in 1389.  Christian patriots under the leadership of Prince Lazar fought the Turks to a standstill (the Serbs did lose the battle but it gave Europe enough breathing room to ultimately resist the Ottomans).  That battle is replayed today, both literally and metaphorically.  The blog will devote some attention to that struggle, though not as much (for reasons given in the first paragraph).


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